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Vehicle MPG MSRP Motorscore
product_photoAudi A325MPGFrom $27,27077/100
product_photoAudi A426MPGFrom $32,50076/100
product_photoAudi A526MPGFrom $37,10073/100
product_photoAudi A625MPGFrom $45,20081/100
product_photoAudi Q520MPGFrom $28,35080/100
product_photoAudi Q717MPGFrom $43,50075/100
product_photoAcura RDX19MPGFrom $32,99575/100
product_photoAcura RL20MPGFrom $48,36573/100
product_photoBuick Enclave20MPGFrom $36,35080/100
product_photoAcura ZDX19MPGFrom $45,49576/100
product_photoCadillac CTS20MPGFrom $33,67574/100
product_photoChevrolet Equinox 27MPGFrom $22,61577/100
product_photoChrysler 30022MPGFrom $27,17074/100
product_photoChevrolet Traverse20MPGFrom $21,21576/100
product_photoFord Edge23MPGFrom $27,52575/100
product_photoSuzuki Equator21MPGFrom $17,99966/100
product_photoDodge Durango19MPGFrom $21,91572/100
product_photoFord Escape25MPGFrom $19,14070/100
product_photoSuzuki Kizashi26MPGFrom $18,99968/100
product_photoHyundai Tucson / ix3523MPGFrom $19,14573/100
product_photoSubaru Impreza 30MPGFrom $17,50074/100
product_photoVolkswagen Golf28MPGFrom $17,99582/100
product_photoVolkswagen Jetta27MPGFrom $15,51572/100
product_photoToyota Camry30MPGFrom $22,05575/100
product_photoSubaru Legacy23MPGFrom $20,00075/100
product_photoSubaru Outback23MPGFrom $38,00077/100
product_photoVolkswagen Tiguan22MPGFrom $22,84076/100
product_photoFord Flex21MPGFrom $30,88582/100
product_photoToyota Corolla30MPGFrom $16,13072/100
product_photoToyota FJ Cruiser18MPGFrom $26,11575/100
product_photoToyota Highlander22MPGFrom $28,24077/100
product_photoLexus LS Hybrid21MPGFrom $112,75083/100
product_photoSubaru Tribeca18MPGFrom $30,60074/100
product_photoToyota Highlander Hybrid28MPGFrom $38,71579/100
product_photoFord Fusion27MPGFrom $17,14573/100
product_photoToyota Land Cruiser15MPGFrom $77,95573/100
product_photoToyota Matrix29MPGFrom $18,84565/100
product_photoKia Sorento25MPGFrom $23,15071/100
product_photoLand Rover Range Rover15MPGFrom $71,20084/100
product_photoKia Sportage25MPGFrom $18,50073/100
product_photoToyota RAV425MPGFrom $22,65075/100
product_photoToyota Sequoia17MPGFrom $40,93074/100
product_photoFord Fusion Hybrid39MPGFrom $27,95085/100
product_photoToyota Sienna21MPGFrom $25,06077/100
product_photoLincoln MKT21MPGFrom $45,28580/100
product_photoLincoln MKX22MPGFrom $39,54573/100
product_photoToyota Tundra18MPGFrom $25,15578/100
product_photoToyota Venza24MPGFrom $27,70074/100
product_photoFord Taurus23MPGFrom $25,55576/100
product_photoToyota Tacoma23MPGFrom $17,12575/100
product_photoInfiniti FX18MPGFrom $43,70072/100
product_photoMercedes-Benz CL-Class15MPGFrom $114,10083/100
product_photoInfiniti EX20MPGFrom $35,80074/100
product_photoNissan GT-R19MPGFrom $96,82084/100
product_photoLand Rover LR4 (Discovery 4)14MPGFrom $47,25081/100
product_photoNissan Juke 29MPGFrom $19,99072/100
product_photoInfiniti G23MPGFrom $32,60075/100
product_photoInfiniti M21MPGFrom $53,70078/100
product_photoMercedes-Benz GLK-Class18MPGFrom $35,88079/100
product_photoNissan Murano21MPGFrom $29,96073/100
product_photoNissan Rogue25MPGFrom $22,07069/100
product_photoMitsubishi Eclipse24MPGFrom $18,99970/100
product_photoMitsubishi Galant25MPGFrom $21,89964/100
product_photoMercedes-Benz M-Class19MPGFrom $48,99079/100
product_photoMINI Cooper Countryman31MPGFrom $21,75069/100
product_photoMitsubishi i (i-MiEV)114MPGFrom $29,12554/100
product_photoMitsubishi Lancer29MPGFrom $15,69576/100
product_photoMercedes-Benz R-Class18MPGFrom $52,69075/100
product_photoMercedes-Benz S-Class15MPGFrom $91,85085/100
product_photoMitsubishi Outlander25MPGFrom $22,34574/100
product_photoMitsubishi Outlander Sport27MPGFrom $18,79566/100
product_photoPorsche Cayenne18MPGFrom $48,85081/100
product_photoPorsche Cayenne Hybrid22MPGFrom $69,85076/100
product_photoPorsche Panamera22MPGFrom $75,85084/100
product_photoPorsche Panamera S Hybrid26MPGFrom $96,15076/100
product_photoSaab 9-3 X25MPGFrom $34,97570/100
product_photoMazda CX-920MPGFrom $29,72579/100
product_photoVolkswagen Touareg19MPGFrom $43,37578/100
product_photoSaab 9-5 Sedan22MPGFrom $38,52569/100
product_photoVolvo S6025MPGFrom $31,75080/100
product_photoVolkswagen Touareg Hybrid22MPGFrom $61,99580/100
product_photoVolvo XC6021MPGFrom $34,20078/100
product_photoVolvo S8024MPGFrom $38,95076/100
product_photoMazda CX-723MPGFrom $22,19077/100

Of the lot, Mercedes-Benz S Class makes reviewers gush the most. It’s considered the most luxurious car in its class, maneuvers with ease and offers a smooth, comfortable ride. While the trunk could be bigger and it’s wildly expensive at up to 200 grand, many find this car to be the investment of a lifetime. Brash, powerful and chock full of safety electronics, S Class is not only classy but sassy.

U.S. News Rankings and Reviews ranks it numero uno among all the Super Luxury Cars for 2012 and it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out 2013 will be equally stellar. Benz’s opulent interior excited their judges as did the new S350 Bluetec diesel. Not to be overlooked—this is a quiet-as-a-mouse, very safe set of wheels.

Nissan’s GT-R also makes the ladies (and gents) swoon with its impressive sports handling ability, automated manual transmission, engine and brakes. It’s a really gorgeous car, too—a far cry from your mom’s 1995 Sentra that’s still sitting in her garage. No, you’re proving that every generation just gets better when you climb behind the wheel of this stunner. CNET said that this is a ” a dedicated sports car, a high-tech weapon for the track, and entirely suitable for winding public roads. But it is not the most practical for day-to-day driving.”

Still another AWD ride finds captivates reviewers—the Lexus LS 600h Hybrid. It’s packing plenty of techie gadgets, rides like it’s on a cloud and boasts a Mark Levinson stereo. This is not a surprise for the brand, which has quickly become a classy excuse to blow your year’s salary (or Lotto winnings).

The 600h Hybrid is, of course, the AWD answer for the eco-conscious driver unhappy with the way most Americans are adding to the world’s carbon footprint. Fuel efficiency may not be stellar (at 19 mpg city and 23 highway), but this baby purrs down the road and leaves tongues wagging in its wake.

Honorable mentions—the attractive and highly fuel-efficient Toyota Venza, the roomy and powerful Toyota Sienna and Kia’s cracking and affordable Sportage—helped round out reviewers’ picks of AWD standouts.

Any motorist who is serious about the safety of their family in 2013 will be investigating the possibility of purchasing an AWD before winter. Not every vehicle comes with all wheel drive, so some research is in order before you buy. AWD is a popular concept for passenger vehicles; which factors come into consideration when you are weighing up your options? Which questions do you need to ask?

What’s the best value for your dollar?

 You will be considering whether to purchase a used or new AWD vehicle. The best used vehicles will provide great value for money, and can prudently be considered as well as something brand new driven off the showroom floor. Other questions to ask yourself – what size vehicle would best suit your needs? Are you in the market for a small, medium sized or large people mover? Would you prefer diesel or petrol? Perhaps a hybrid vehicle might be in your sights?

Something to keep in mind is the fact that with an AWD vehicle in your driveway, your insurance premiums will be reduced. You may be very surprised at the savings you can achieve on your insurance just by purchasing an AWD car!

How to match your vehicle to your local conditions.

 Next, you’ll want to consider carefully what type of driving you do, and which types of conditions you most often drive in. Braking and cornering in extreme conditions needs to be undertaken with just as much care, however AWD cars maximise traction. Do you live in a country where conditions are very severe in winter? This can be very stressful for you as the driver when the family are present in the car. Luckily, much progress has been made on the development of cars which suit these treacherous driving conditions. With some forethought and research, you can be sure that you are making the best decision for both your wallet and the safety of your family.

What makes an AWD the best for your family’s safety?

 The important thing to know about an AWD car is that it can receive power to all four of it’s wheels at the same time. In dry conditions power is mostly present in the front wheels, but the instant traction is lost a viscous clutch system engages the rear wheels automatically and immediately. The centre differential means that each tyre is rotating at a different speed to take the challenging road surface into account.

In a nutshell, this means that you, as the driver, don’t have to take your attention off the road to flick a lever or press a switch. Your driving remains instinctive and intuitive, and your AWD switches smoothly from two wheel drive to all wheel drive. You don’t have to give anything a thought except for concentrating on the road.

Driving an AWD which quickly and smoothly selects the best option for the current driving conditions means that journeys will be much safer and stress-free.

However if you’d like to be able to turn the all-wheel-drive power off manually, the Suzuki SX4 has a switch, or the Mitsubishi Montero Sport has a shift lever. This will depend on your style of driving, and while not every motorist gives this option much thought, it is good to know that with the SX4 and the Montero, it is an option.

Travelling comfortably in even the most extreme conditions.

 Regarding the interior of all-wheel-drive vehicles, the options available mean that passengers will always ride in comfort. The interior of a vehicle does not have to be uncomfortable. Many years ago off-road vehicles were reknowned for their plain interiors, however that is not the case in 2010 and 2011.

Saab and Volvo were the pioneers in developing powerful and efficient defrosting systems, which also translates to heating and air-conditioning inside the passenger space. Carpets also are installed to be extremely hardy and weather resistant, remaining impervious to the onslaught of wet weather boots, clothing and other equipment that may be carried inside the vehicle.

It is worth considering the needs of the family when it comes to selecting which AWD car. You may be transporting prams and strollers, or children’s sports equipment. You may have a set of golf clubs or two, so the weather resistant carpeting and room inside these vehicles will be greatly appreciated.

As a rule AWD vehicles are easier to enter and exit. They are higher off the road to give extra ground clearance for those rocky, rough roads you may be driving on from time to time. They are also more able to clear mounds of snow and ice. There is no longer the same danger of becoming bogged, or hitting something with the underside of the vehicle.

The elevated drivers position means that visibility is at an all time high, there are little to no blind spots.

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