9 Passenger Vehicles

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A complete list of the best 9 passenger vehicles for sale in 2012.

Vehicle MPG MSRP Motorscore
product_photoChevrolet Express15MPGFrom $24,36563/100
product_photoFord E - Series23MPGFrom $21,29074/100
product_photoMercedes-Benz Sprinter24MPGFrom $36,29067/100

The leader in the category is the Ford E-Series, which boasts enough room for nine average-sized or over a dozen very slim passengers. Reviewers consider it the best tow-er (as in hauler) in its class, excellent for goods transportation and people moving alike. Ranked number four out of 32 published reviews on U.S. News Rankings and Reviews, this $26,651 to $34,244 vehicle impresses with very techy features and has a fine safety record.

Further, Kelley Blue Book noted that in an attempt make it more user-friendly, Ford created this van, paying “special attention to the areas most frequented by passengers. For example, the van’s door handles are placed down low for easy access, and the there is a two-step tier at the base of the sliding side door making entry and exit less of a hike.”
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is an acceptable choice in this class, too, impressing reviewers with plenty of cargo room, a great build and 24/24 fuel economy. It has some of the most interior space in the class, is a great family hauler, feels very solid, and won’t kill your dreams of putting the kids through college. It stickers on average for around $38,000 or $39,000.

Sprinter, however, doesn’t live up to its name under the hood. Some reviewers chide that its engine is underpowered, but it can hold about twice as much cargo space as the Chevrolet Express. Reviewers also say it’s pretty easy to drive for its size.

Lastly, let’s look at Chevy’s Express, selling from $24,365. It’s got a really lovely interior with beautiful red paint juxtaposed by soft-touch storm cloud-grey seats, a wide turning radius and nice aerodynamics for its bulk. It’s available in all-wheel drive, is available with seats to haul from eight to 15 people, tows amply, boasts numerous powertrain options and according to Car and Driver, “excels as a work truck.”

Updated 2013. The content below is now out of date.

If you are considering a 9 passenger vehicle, you may have many questions. This is especially true if you have never owned or operated this kind of transport before. Most people choose one of these SUVs for their ability to transport many people or to carry cargo in comfort and style. You are probably wondering about the best way to find a new or used 9 passenger van that will meet your needs in the price range that suits your budget. There are currently about 100 models from which to choose. These proffer a bewildering array of choices for the novice who needs assistance in making a selection.

Online websites are a great resource for locating 9 passenger vehicles. They can find used models from all over the country so you can narrow your search to the vehicles that meet your criteria. True 9 passenger vehicles offer great interior space for a variety of purposes. Some models may require optional equipment to obtain the maximum seating capacity.

Major Considerations for Making Your Selection

The following are the three top considerations you should explore before deciding which model best suits your needs.

· The maximum capacity for seating.
· How easy or difficult it may be to get into second or third row seats.
· How easy it may be to fold the third row seat to create space for cargo.

Please be aware that it may not be possible to get your maximum seating without buying extra equipment for some models. Others may offer the maximum only on certain versions, so you should investigate these details if you require seating for nine people. Another thing you must consider is how easy it may be to access the third row. Older people who are less agile may find it very difficult is some models. In general, the easiest versions have buckets seat or captain’s chairs in the second row. Models with bench seating may be more problematic.

You must take into account how many passengers you need to transport. Most full-size SUVs have three rows of seating and can be made to carry 7-9 passengers comfortably. The compact SUVs only seat 4, while mid-size models typically seat 5. The mid-size can often be converted with a third row, however, to provide additional seats.

Benefits of Using An Online Locator Service

An online service can answer your important questions as well as direct you to the type of vehicle you seek. 9 passenger vehicles for sale are a fairly specialized search and may not be easy to locate in traditional advertising forums. Classified newspaper ads may offer few choices. Dealers may also have limited selections except for high-end new models that may well be out of your budget capabilities.

Online services offer specialized search capabilities and listings to find the best vehicle for your needs. You can easily locate a 9 passenger SUV in the right price range. You can enter your search criteria and narrow down the choices to a manageable level. You do not have to pay for the service and it is not added to the price you will ultimately pay.

The search criteria you employ are entirely up to you. Price range may be the greatest consideration. You may choose a particular model of van that offers certain benefits. You may want to locate a model within a certain geographical area so you can test drive the vehicle. Comfort may be the key issue for those who must transport passengers for long distances. You may think the full-size models are always the most comfortable, but that is not necessarily true. Some may have comfortable first and second rows but cramped third row seating. You can research the features and benefits online of various brands and models first to determine which best suit your needs. Then employ an online search site that specializes in 9 passenger vehicles to locate the best choice.

You may also want to convert the vehicle for wheelchair-access. These are popular choices for handicapped conversions and there are many programs that can help disabled individuals finance the cost of buying and converting nine passenger vehicles. You may also discover wheelchair accessible vans that have already been converted by employing an online specialist.

9 Passenger Vehicles Benefits and Shortcomings

These SUVs offer the capacity to comfortably carry 9 passengers. However, if you do, you will have limited inside storage space for luggage or cargo. For those who must transport much cargo, then the second and third row seats fold flat to create a lot of space. In some models, you may have difficulty accessing the area unless it has rear access doors. Some brands have completely removable seats, but they may be unwieldy to move and require a place in which to store them.

Fuel economy is another drawback for many models. They may barely reach 10 miles per gallon in heavy city driving. But for the number of passengers, that may be just fine for you. Most minivans can comfortably seat seven and you can modify your search on these online sites to choose those vehicles as well. They offer much greater fuel economy and are easy to maneuver. The big SUV’s have become much easier to drive as well, but you may be uncomfortable dealing with the added size.

Headroom is generally ample in the 9 passenger vehicle. If the model has an optional sunroof, headroom may be limited for the front occupants. Shoulder and hip room are important for bench seating since adjusting a bench one way may benefit one passenger and inconvenience another. The amount of leg room available varies considerably among the different models and, if this is an important consideration, you should use it as one of your search criteria.

Dimensions will help you make a choice, but the best option is a trial run to see if all seats are comfortable for your family or passengers. The third row most often has problems in this area, so be sure to examine the statistics for each model carefully. No matter what your requirements, you have the best chance of locating suitable options and advice by employing an online search website that specializes in finding these types of vehicles.

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