8 Passenger Vehicles

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A complete list of the best 8 passenger vehicles, SUVs and minivans for sale in 2012.

Vehicle MPG MSRP Motorscore
product_photoCadillac Escalade Hybrid20MPGFrom $73,13575/100
product_photoChevrolet Suburban18MPGFrom $37,00078/100
product_photoChevrolet Tahoe18MPGFrom $33,98078/100
product_photoChevrolet Tahoe Hybrid21MPGFrom $49,59080/100
product_photoChevrolet Traverse20MPGFrom $21,21576/100
product_photoFord E - Series23MPGFrom $21,29074/100
product_photoHonda Pilot20MPGFrom $28,62075/100
product_photoLexus LX14MPGFrom $80,93077/100
product_photoToyota Land Cruiser15MPGFrom $77,95573/100
product_photoNissan Armada16MPGFrom $39,87071/100
product_photoToyota Sequoia17MPGFrom $40,93074/100
product_photoNissan Rogue25MPGFrom $22,07069/100
product_photoMercedes-Benz Sprinter24MPGFrom $36,29067/100

The Chevy Tahoe Hybrid gets decent fuel economy at 20 mpg city and 23 highway, while also offering other practical features such as towing capacity and strong acceleration as well as plusses such as heated seats, keyless starting and satellite radio. Moreover, as a hybrid you’ll enjoy far fewer trips to the filling station, while also cruising town singing along to your Bose premium stereo and its nine, count ‘em nine, speakers.

This hybrid is not to be outdone in the class, though, because Chevy’s good-lookin’ Suburban has become the common noun—as in “let’s climb into the suburban”—in the category. It touts great seating capacity, is light on its feet and touts a spacious cargo hold. And this year, the 2012 ranked number one among all Affordable Large SUVs according to U.S. News Rankings and Reviews. Selling for about $41,474 to $56,674, it’s a car clearly worth the dosh.

Another stellar octo-pick is the Lexus LX, not a surprise unless you’ve been sleeping (or driving) under a rock these past few years. For this is a brand whose time has come, reminding drivers and advertisers alike that in the fast and fickle world of automotive tastes, overnight sensations do evolve – at least year over year.

El-X excites because it’s got luxurious appointments, is one of the best towing vehicles on the road and boasts rugged off-roading chops. Reviewers like its polite on-the-road manners just as much, while remarking that this U.S. News Rankings and Reviews number four (out of 35)-ranked SUV is not only well-built but overflowing with both fine standard and optional features alike.

You won’t want to overlook a few other choices, though, as you peruse the listings of this class—such as Honda’s Pilot, which offers a spacious interior, multiple storage options and good mileage or the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid, for its stunning looks and sweet standard features such as heated and cooled front seats, a rearview camera, tri-zone climate control, Bluetooth and navigation systems.

Less noteworthy but worth a look: Nissan’s comfortable and nimble Armada, with its impressive V8 power and smooth transmission. It ranks 71 on Motorscore, with prices starting at $39,870.

Looking for 8 passenger Vehicles?

Usually a larger family needs a bigger car, especially for special family occasions or other purposes. If you have either a big family who travels together pretty often, or if you need to go on outings with families or friends more than the usual, you will definitely look for large cars that can accommodate a lot of people.

Searching for an 8 passenger vehicles can be a challenging task as there are not actually too many options available in the market.

Whichever 8 passenger vehicle you choose, you will need to consider several issues like who will seat in the rearmost seats. Some of the 8 passenger vehicles do not offer a comfortable seating experience in the seats at the furthest corner of the car; especially for the young children. For families, the most common choices will be the SUVs or the crossovers. It is particularly crucial to understand about the fact that, an 8 passenger vehicle for a large family can’t be same as transporting a construction crew. Therefore, one needs to select the right type of car.

Why Do People Buy 8 Passenger Vehicles?

Many people prefer to own 8 passenger vehicles as they offer transport for  more people than any other regular models where only 5-7 persons can only be seated. This can be really crucial if you are willing to travel with family members towards a long distance destination. Using an 8 passenger minivan or an 8 passenger van can certainly help while travelling with a large group size as you may not have to take multiple cars. Besides, these types of 8 passenger vehicles are fuel efficient; therefore, you will not have to spend much for getting fuels. Therefore, this will certainly provide comfort on a large extent while going for a trip.

What are the available categories of 8 passenger vehicles?

8 passenger vehicles can be categorized depending on their functional capabilities along with some other mechanical point of views:

• The 8 passenger minivan:

An 8 passenger minivan has the most comfortable passenger seating environment even for those who seat in the rearmost seats. However, this type of vehicle may not have enough cargo space like that seen in a 8 passenger crossover. With special sliding doors, this vehicle can be an ideal choice for families as it can manage car seats.

• The 8 Passenger SUV:

A good number of traditional SUVs can be configured as 8 passenger vehicles. The Chevy Tahoe, the Dodge Durango and Ford Expedition offer the best 8 passenger SUV facilities with their comfortable seating options.

• The 8 Passenger Crossover:

This type of vehicle is now considered as one of the hottest and newest styles in vehicles industry as the SUV crossover concept has been blended with normal car functions. This special type of vehicle offers a comfortable car ride and better gas mileage. It is really comfortable and does have a spacious seating that can be an advantage while riding with large families. This type of an 8 seater SUV can be a pretty good choice for families that have lot of young children.

There are several benefits that can be obtained if you choose to buy an 8 passenger vehicles. One of the key advantages will be the availability of third row seating options. It can be a great benefit if you have a large family. Besides, most of the popular 8 seater vehicles offer a huge cargo space and/or foldable seating system. Nowadays, 8 passenger vehicles are more attractive than normal sedans as the manufacturers are now trying to make it more appealing, luxurious and fuel-efficient. Apart from these features, these vehicles also have a sliding door system and easier handling system for the seats along with other hand features. For a convenient family ride, there is no real alternative.

Who Makes 8 Passenger Vehicles?

When you are out in the market looking for a suitable 8 seater passenger car, you will be wondering which manufacturer you should actually select. There are many manufacturing companies that offer 8 passenger vehicles in different models along with some other differentiating mechanical or technical features.

Browse the list above to explore the full list of 8 passenger vehicles.

Tips On Finding The Best 8 Passenger Vehicles

If you are searching for an appropriate 8 passenger vehicle, there are a number of 8 seater vehicles for you in the market. Most of these popular 8 passenger vehicles do not offer just legroom, headroom, and cargo volume facilities for the passengers; they also provide an extensive level of safety and smooth driving performance. If you make a query with people on which will be the best 8 passenger vehicle for personal or business related purpose, the answer will be variables. Therefore, you should check out different manufacturer companies’ websites to explore your desired vehicles. Through visiting those websites, you will be able to know about most of the key features of available car models along with their prices, and this will certainly help you to make the right decision before purchasing one of the 8 passenger vehicles.

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