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A complete list of the best six passenger vehicles for sale in 2013.

Vehicle MPG MSRP Motorscore
product_photoAudi Q717MPGFrom $43,50075/100
product_photoAcura MDX18MPGFrom $39,99481/100
product_photoBuick Enclave20MPGFrom $36,35080/100
product_photoChevrolet Avalanche18MPGFrom $32,46073/100
product_photoCadillac Escalade16MPGFrom $54,67077/100
product_photoCadillac Escalade Hybrid20MPGFrom $73,13575/100
product_photoChevrolet Silverado 150016MPGFrom $17,86076/100
product_photoChevrolet Suburban18MPGFrom $37,00078/100
product_photoChevrolet Tahoe18MPGFrom $33,98078/100
product_photoChrysler Town & Country20MPGFrom $23,41577/100
product_photoChevrolet Tahoe Hybrid21MPGFrom $49,59080/100
product_photoChevrolet Traverse20MPGFrom $21,21576/100
product_photoLexus GX17MPGFrom $53,24573/100
product_photoDodge Durango19MPGFrom $21,91572/100
product_photoDodge Grand Caravan21MPGFrom $21,88075/100
product_photoHonda Odyssey22MPGFrom $28,37581/100
product_photoFord Expedition17MPGFrom $31,34576/100
product_photoFord Explorer21MPGFrom $28,36072/100
product_photoLexus LX14MPGFrom $80,93077/100
product_photoVolkswagen Routan21MPGFrom $27,02072/100
product_photoSubaru Outback23MPGFrom $38,00077/100
product_photoFord Flex21MPGFrom $30,88582/100
product_photoToyota Highlander22MPGFrom $28,24077/100
product_photoSubaru Tribeca18MPGFrom $30,60074/100
product_photoToyota Highlander Hybrid28MPGFrom $38,71579/100
product_photoKia Sedona/Carnival21MPGFrom $24,90074/100
product_photoToyota Land Cruiser15MPGFrom $77,95573/100
product_photoNissan Armada16MPGFrom $39,87071/100
product_photoKia Sorento25MPGFrom $23,15071/100
product_photoToyota Sequoia17MPGFrom $40,93074/100
product_photoToyota Sienna21MPGFrom $25,06077/100
product_photoLincoln MKT21MPGFrom $45,28580/100
product_photoToyota Tundra18MPGFrom $25,15578/100
product_photoLincoln Navigator17MPGFrom $57,77574/100
product_photoInfiniti QX5617MPGFrom $59,20075/100
product_photoMercedes-Benz GL-Class15MPGFrom $61,57075/100
product_photoNissan Pathfinder18MPGFrom $29,29064/100
product_photoNissan Quest21MPGFrom $25,99075/100
product_photoMercedes-Benz R-Class18MPGFrom $52,69075/100
product_photoMitsubishi Outlander25MPGFrom $22,34574/100
product_photoMitsubishi Outlander Sport27MPGFrom $18,79566/100
product_photoNissan Titan15MPGFrom $28,52068/100
product_photoRam 150017MPGFrom $22,42081/100
product_photoMazda 524MPGFrom $19,62573/100
product_photoMazda CX-920MPGFrom $29,72579/100
product_photoRam 3500 (Heavy Duty )0MPGFrom $38,00077/100

Ford Flex stacks up best against the rest, both for its unmistakably chic and utilitarian design and its super strong performance. The six or seven lucky passengers in this vehicle get bendy headrests and comfy seats while the driver will enjoy an Ecoboost rush with acceleration.
Some say this is like “Mom’s taxi” both for design and function, but it’s also for anyone longing for a safe ride reminiscent of the Brady Bunch station wagon-era, albeit with 21st century tang. Flex has muscle when it comes to six-speed transmissions both on the 3.5L normally aspirated V6 and the turbocharged EcoBoost variety.

Another pick of the lot, the RAM 1500, has clever storage options as well as less clever fuel economy. It’s still a good car for those long stretches of suburban terrain that would otherwise bore you in Modern America. For this is a fun, big ride with plenty of dazzle—from soft-touch materials to a stunning profile and stance. It’s also toting ample storage, trailer towing mirrors, a new calibration for six-speed automatic transmission and a five-year, 100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty. The location of the rear stabilizer box could be a small concern, if there’s a quibble.

You might also enjoy the Acura MDX because it’s sporty and attractive without sacrificing anything on the ride. Humorously, one reviewer at CNET said the MDX back in 2010 looked like a “hardened criminal,” but in a good way. He was talking about its “squarish” appearance, but overall the impression is a good one. From voice command for iPods to fabulous screen graphics on the GPS, MDX is the sports car-like option for anyone who can’t actually afford one.

The Buick Enclave snags a 79.8 from us because it’s a smooth, class ride boasting sufficient cargo and passenger room. Reviewers remarked on the 2013 model’s great looks after receiving what Insideline called a “modest facelift”. Noticeable improvements include its revised front face with new black-chrome grille, xenon HID headlamps encircled by blue translucent rings and LED daytime running lights. Redesigned 18- and 20-inch wheels also added to the luster, reviewers said after attending the 2012 New York Auto Show in April.

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6 passenger vehicles are a necessity for most families nowadays! Husband and wife, along with their two kids and a dog; paints a classic family picture, doesn’t. If they are to travel with ease, a 6 passenger car would seem like an obvious choice. The reasons usually vary, some want to travel luxury, some have large families, some want extra space for luggage; whatever may the reason be, 6 passenger cars always come in handy.

What should you be looking in a 6 passenger car?

Naturally you won’t be looking for insane acceleration times and ceramic brakes! 6 seater cars have a different purpose. They are built to give you and your family a peaceful comfortable ride at a mileage that keeps you happy. So the basic requirement for most people looking for 6 passenger vehicles is the cabin space, comfort ride and mileage. Usually most of the consumers who want to buy cars for the family have similar concerns. 0 – 60 mph times and the car’s drifting capabilities don’t matter when you’re dropping off your kids to school.

Next important factor is safety. With road safety standards being revised each day, the government and safety assurance groups make life harder for car manufacturers. The cars manufactured these days need to pass a certain safety rating when it comes to the passenger safety. The surprising thing about car safety standards is that there’s a certain safety rating for pedestrian safety as well (which you may hit while driving your car!). Keeping this in view, most 6 seater vehicles have similar safety standards.

Going for a 6 seater means that either you can go for a luxury sedan or you can go for a compact 6 passenger SUV. These two categories cover most of the cars that come under the 6 passenger cars class. Luxury sedans and basic SUVs are available in similar price range. The factor that sets them apart is gas mileage. Most people reckon that SUVs give poor gas mileage. This could have been true for cars that were manufactured 20 years ago but latest engines, built with cutting-edge technology, are tweaked to get the most out of each drop of gas! This is true in the case of SUVs as well. Not only are the SUVs fuel efficient nowadays, some are green as well. CO2 emission has been a hot topic for the past two decades. Car manufacturers are working hard to cut off their CO2 emissions so that their cars can get a better green rating from the government. This has made SUVS greener.

Another trend in cars that seat 6 is hybrid technology. With 6 passenger SUVS like 2011 Ford Escape Hybrid, SUVs are now evolving as fuel efficient crossover cars.

Sedans on the other hand tilt towards luxury and styling. The first 6 passenger vehicle that comes to mind is the Honda Jazz (or the Honda Fit). Japanese have been known for their cost efficient yet brilliant cars and that’s exactly what they’ve done with the Honda Jazz. This 6 seater vehicle may look small but looks can be deceiving. Inside the cabin, you find sufficient space to build a house! The ride comfort is satisfying as well. The rear seats are foldable meaning you can add cargos space if you have limited passengers on board. If you want to stick to the Honda brand and go for something chunkier, Honda FR-V is a good option as well. The FR-V comes with a 2.2l diesel engine. The seating arrangement is 3 in the front & 3 at the back. If you’re looking for a compact, cheap, diesel engine, 6 passenger vehicles; Honda FR-V would be the way to go.

Another option would be Honda Odyssey if you’re going for the minivan category. The car looks bigger than what it can carry but there’s plenty of room inside for its passengers. You may want to with the Odyssey if you can compromise on styling and luxury interiors. This car is recommended for people who need large space at an affordable price and don’t want a pricy SUV.
Another option can be the Buick La Crosse. La Crosse comes in the car category. It is a stylish looking car which will set you back $28,000. The model has been designed specifically for people that need a large car for 6 people, with great ride comfort. Two engine options are offered in the La Crosse. You can either go with the more powerful V6. Another option is to go with the fuel efficient, e-assist engine. The e-assist is an electric motor that comes as standard equipment, along with the stock engine. The 2012 model of the La Crosse offers even better fuel economy. The new model of the car is becoming popular due to its e-Assist system that offers good fuel economy to its customers. Compared to its competitors, the Buick is on the pricy side but it makes up for it with a good, luxury interior. Devices like smart phone integration and comfy seats make the interior a good place to be.

The Chevrolet Impala is another name that comes to mind if you’re looking for something powerful with a modern transmission. This model is mostly bland but if you’re looking for a Chevy badge that can hold 6 people, then you may consider buying this car. The latest version of the Impala has an improved drive terrain system that makes the living of this car a little worthwhile. The Chevy can squeeze 18 mpg in the city while on the highway, the mileage can go up to 30 mpg. The Chevy is not the best of the cars available on the market for the 6 people seater category but it is something to look for if you’re a Chevy enthusiast. For the 2012 Chevy, there are 3 different models available to the consumer. The base styled Chevy is priced around $26,000.

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